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Nikko Dator - Unthinkable (Remix)

No one really fucked w/ this. So I decided to post the lyrics in hopes of getting more play on it. LOL (I’ll have an official video for this soon as well!)

Moment of honesty this is what I’m afraid of
'Expecting the perfect love' is a fairytale and is made up
Some say it exist, my experience says it don’t
& love fell in it’s place for me, but then it broke
Then I.. tried putting the shattered pieces together
Realizing it after that leaving it would be better
The pain is so unbearable, I can never forget her
& My emotions are dead, but my feelings will be forever
When I..look back, you was for me; I never thanked ya’
We had that real shit; Corey & Topanga
So let me know that you still be thinkin’ about me
& later, if you’re ready to do this, would you allow me?
To try again, both of us doing our parts
So let it run, I ain’t lettin’ the car park
All I got is directions toward a dark heart
So let me know when it’s good again


Now that I’m single, they never puttin’ they hands on
But when I’m cuffed, they pushed to takin’ my pants off
Why is it like that? Give me an explanation
I think it’s just a mixture of lusting and being patient
In your relation, stuck witcha main spouse
24/7 you live in the same house, and
You both know that whatchu got is a gift
But in the, back of ya’ mind you always wonderin’ “If”
Like, what “if” you aren’t the only one I connect with?
& ain’t the only potential person I’m best with?
& when these hoes get to noticing that I think this
They tempt me and lure me to thinking we couldn’t make it
But don’t blame me, I know that I got a good thing
I mean HAD.. I’m sorry for all the mood swings
I know it’s nearly impossible if we could bring
THIS back, but could you think about it?


It’s unthinkable, crazy for me to think straight
Turn the page, no telling us where the link takes
If it’s REAL, let it go, it’ll come back
But how long do you gotta wait til they run back?
& if ever, prove to ‘em that we CAN last
The greatest pain is loving someone you can’t have
Til I soak in my own tears and can’t laugh
It’s now or never.. tell me if we should end that..


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